Ohpen’s Angelique Schouten featured in Game Changer,a must-see documentary about FinTech


Find out on how FinTech startups are disrupting the world of finance in this film featuring Ohpen’s UK CEO

We are thrilled to announce that Angelique Schouten, CEO at Ohpen UK, has been featured in Game Changer, a documentary that explores how FinTech is disrupting the finance industry. The film discusses the effect that new technologies and customer-centric design have had in the financial services space. The search for talent and the challenges faced by traditional banking are also addressed in the film.

In Angelique’s own words: “Today’s consumers have different standards and expectations of financial institutions because of their experiences with other industries. The norms are changing.
Traditional banks and insurance companies have to keep up with this transformation and innovative companies like Ohpen are facilitating this change.”

Ohpen is proud to be among the pioneering companies redefining the financial services industry. Being in both Amsterdam and London, we are at the epicentre of this change. Our company was founded at the peak of the financial crisis by a visionary team that sought to liberate banks from legacy systems and processes. Today, we are proud to say that we are the first core banking provider that runs entirely in the cloud, saving our customers up to 80% in IT costs.

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To learn more about our industry and how we bring agility to finance, watch the documentary on FinTech Game Changer.