Ohpen's measures during COVID-19


With coronavirus (COVID-19) being top of mind, Ohpen continues the smooth and seamless operations of its core banking engine while ensuring the safety of employees

Amsterdam, March 23, 2020 – At Ohpen, we know that coronavirus (COVID-19) is top of mind everywhere, just as it is for all of us here at Ohpen. We wanted to share with you the measures we are taking to ensure that our employees are safe and that we avoid any disruption to our services to any of our clients.

At Ohpen, our founding principle has been that the Ohpen Platform should work at all times and our employees should be able to work from any location. This principle has made it possible for Ohpen to transition to a state of prolonged remote working very quickly and smoothly over the past few weeks. Besides the health and well-being of our colleagues and their families, providing uninterrupted service to our clients, and our clients’ customers, is our highest priority.


Tip of the week
To combat feelings of isolation while teams all work from home, we arranged voluntary virtual team coffee breaks, lunch meetups and live online fitness trainings for our staff – leading to glimpses of quirky WFH outfits and misbehaving pets. We’d love you to share your tips with us as well or if you have any questions, feel free to contact us at: info@ohpen.com.