Core banking provider Ohpen appoints CTO to board 


Joost Reijnen joins board to implement new products ahead of international expansion 

AMSTERDAM, May 28th, 2020 – Today, the world’s first cloud-native core banking provider Ohpen announces the appointment of CTO Joost Reijnen to its executive board. Reijnen joined Ohpen in 2016 as Engineering Manager. His work with the evolving and growing engineering teams at Ohpen has been key to the company’s success, and in his new role as executive board member at Ohpen, Joost’s responsibilities will focus on the realisation of new products in the Ohpen Platform as they enter into new markets.

In his new role as executive board member at Ohpen, Joost will oversee the continuous integration, delivery and deployment of new products within the Ohpen Platform as it undergoes the further transformation from cloud core banking to completely serverless cloud core banking platform. 

“The addition of Joost as a director complements our board of directors’ skills and experiences. Joost is the architect of some of the Ohpen Platform’s key features, and has been responsible for its transformation to become fully serverless,” said Matthijs Aler, CEO of OhpenJoost’s constant drive for perfection allows us to deliver one version of the platform that is able to support all clients, in all countries – unique to the world of core banking.  

On his board appointment, Reijnen said, “I’ll be continuing to work with my team of outspokenly talented and dedicated specialists to deliver the most technically advanced platform that builds upon the foundation laid by the founder Chris Zadeh, who was lightyears ahead back in 2009 building a bank in the cloud. From the board, I’ll be ensuring that our future product additions and geographical expansion plans will be supported from a technical and roadmap perspective.”

Joost Reijnen - CTO

Prior to Ohpen, Reijnen spent several years in leadership roles at Backbase for example, where he was responsible for growing skilled team of developers, product designers anowners and technical writers to build both the FE and BE stacks for digital banking. Reijnen also launched the first mobile banking web and apps for Rabobank in 2007, during his time at Rabo Mobiel, the bank’s telecoms and innovation arm. 

“We are excited to welcome Joost to our board of directors. He brings decades of leadership in key areas, such as engineering and technology development, and having that experience represented at board level will be vital to our future operations and strategy,” said Chris Zadeh, Ohpen’s founder and supervisory board chair.  

About Ohpen

Ohpen is the world’s first cloud-based core banking engine with a simple promise: IT. JUST. WORKS. The Ohpen Platform is built from scratch by experienced bankers and software engineers to administer retail saving and investment accounts. Ohpen liberates financial services providers such as banks, insurance companies, asset managers and pension providers from their legacy systems and processes. Aegon, Knab, Robeco, Nationale-Nederlanden, Volksbank and LeasePlan Bank are all examples of customers who found a reliable, adaptable and compliant solution in the Ohpen Platform. The head office is in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and the company has a software development office in Barcelona, Spain, employing approximately 150 people.