Ohpen praised for its application processesby Indeed


Ohpen scores highly for attracting “top achieving” talent

Ohpen has been named as one of the top companies for an efficient application process and attracting “top achievers” in The Netherlands, by job site Indeed.

Indeed’s research first focuses on what constitutes a top achiever, discovering that these candidates tend to have five key attributes in common:

  • Strategic thinking (outside of the box, creative thinker)
  • Problem solving (ability to resolve the most complex issues)
  • Passion (genuine enthusiasm for a task or role)
  • Drive (a desire to go above and beyond)
  • Communication (speaking and writing clearly with all stakeholders)

Indeed’s research also confirms that the potential impact of top achievers on a company’s fortunes is enormous. Whilst Apple stated that high performers are 25x more productive than average performers, Google’s data indicates that its best technologists are 300x more productive than average performers.

Indeed discovered that top achievers place a high priority on fast application processes that are straightforward and easy to use. If transformational applicants – the top achievers – find it difficult to apply for jobs, they simply won’t bother. For every minute added to the application process, up to 4% of candidates will drop out.

Straight through procedure
Ohpen scored highly in two key categories for the most efficient application procedures. With the average time taken for an application set at 2 minutes, Ohpen’s was quicker at 1 minute (just behind Connexys and ABN AMRO at 30 seconds each). Ohpen also had the fewest number of questions required for a job application, with just four in total; the average in The Netherlands is 15. As a result, Ohpen has positioned itself strongly to attract transformational candidates.

Indeed’s research was conducted online and the respondent group consisted of 3,176 recognised top achievers and 824 unemployed job seekers, and took place via the Decipher Research Platform of FocusVision.

Eveliese Luiting, Chief People Officer at Ohpen comments: “To be competitive in The Netherlands, companies clearly need a super quick recruitment process. At Ohpen we are all about exceeding expectations and attracting top achievers is vital; they enable better results via a streamlined, highly driven team. We will continue to innovate our candidate journey in The Netherlands, the UK and Spain in order to attract the best talent.”

UK Graduate Scheme
Ohpen has also recently launched a FinTech Graduate Scheme in its London office. With its first UK client on-board and ready to launch later in the year, Ohpen is inviting talented and ambitious young people to apply for its 24 month programme. Applications are open until 30th September; discover more by clicking here.