Ohpen joins Brexit talks with Deputy Mayor of Londonfor Business


Helping to shape future policy discussions

20 October 2017 – Amsterdam/ London: Ohpen was chosen to join a roundtable discussion with the Deputy Mayor of London for Business, Rajesh Agrawal earlier this week.

The roundtable took place on Tuesday October 17th and had 10 participants in total. The discussion was spearheaded by the Deputy Mayor, Rajesh Agrawal and supported by 9 exclusively selected FinTech heads, including Angelique Schouten, CEO of Ohpen UK.

The event allowed internationally operating FinTech companies with operations in London to express their thoughts and concerns regarding this issue, as well as the general business environment. The FinTech representatives attending shared valuable insights that may help to shape future policy.

Ohpen provides financial institutions with a cloud based solution that has received international acclaim for its pioneering approach, recently winning an Innovation Award from the UK’s Department for International Trade.

For us, this was an honour and an acknowledgement of our contribution to the industry to be part of this discussion with Deputy Mayor Agrawal, and be able to share our thoughts in representation of the FinTech community,” Ohpen’s UK CEO, Angelique Schouten said. “Brexit is a significant challenge, but it is only one of many hurdles that FinTech companies face as they attempt to revolutionise the financial services industry. Fortunately, the UK remains the leading financial centre of the world and an exciting hub for start-up activity.

Offering a fully compliant cloud-based core banking engine, Ohpen gained approval in January 2017 from the FCA to carry out regulated activities in the UK. Earlier this year, it secured €15 Million Series B financing at €100 million valuation. Ohpen’s growth capital will be used to finance UK expansion and enter new markets.