Ohpen’s Talent Sourcing Masterminds to speakat the Sourcing Summit Europe 2017


Ohpen will be sharing its sourcing expertise at #SOSUEU 2017

Recently praised for being one of the Netherland’s top companies for its efficient application process and for attracting “top” achievers, Ohpen is bringing its expertise to the Sourcing Summit Europe 2017, one of Europe’s main sourcing events of the year.

“This is THE sourcing event in the region. The biggest people in the recruitment field are present sharing their knowledge, so you can interact with them. It’s definitely THE place to be,” comments Ohpen’s Head of Recruitment, Tommy Thomassen, who will join forces with Chief People Officer, Eveliese Luiting at the event.

Both will share the stage at #SOSUEU during their session, “Crowd-sourcing – Building a modern sourcing capability”. The session will highlight how Ohpen has positioned itself at the forefront of talent-sourcing by hacking the company’s culture and creating a successful recruitment machine.

Tommy and Eveliese will guide you on how to involve the whole company in recruiting new people. Some of the highlights of their session will include:

  • Hacking corporate culture to engage talent
  • Everyone is a recruiter
  • Doubling the amount of referrals

Eveliese Luiting, Chief People Officer at Ohpen comments: “At Ohpen we believe that every employee is a talent magnet. We truly believe in harnessing the power of involving our whole company in recruiting new talent.”


Think creative, offer solutions, make things work, get things done and have fun!

Growing people and organisations is what makes my heart tick. I am an HR addict with an extensive recruitment background who is sensitive for energy, passion and positivity. I read to get inspired. I watch series to relax and try to discover the world by traveling and learning about history. In 2016 I joined Ohpen where I can use my entrepreneurial skills and do what I love: create, build and sustain. I am specialised in international HR, recruitment and employer branding. I am not a big fan of hierarchical leadership. I believe in surrounding yourself with brilliant brains and letting them shine. Some people tell me that I have a talent for cooking and fashion as well. Hopefully they are right.
Life taught me to enjoy the ride, to live in the moment and to push it to the limit.


As a strong proponent of hacking as a methodology for finding talent, I like to see myself as a new breed of sourcers: immersed in new technology and embracing change. I started off as the very first sourcer at Tempo-Team (part of Randstad Group). After a successful period at one of Holland’s biggest e-commerce companies, Coolblue, I’m currently involved in the international growth of Ohpen. I have a proven track record in attracting talent, am enthusiastic about the world of recruitment and I’m truly in love with the technical developments in the industry.
As I’m incapable of entertaining myself, you’ll always see me surrounded by people. And yes, all these times I’m either eating, drinking, partying or a combination of these.

Want to know more?

To learn more about the Sourcing Summit Europe, or to sign up for the event, click here. The event will be held on October 10-12 at The Meervaart Conference Centre in Amsterdam.